Utah Belly Blessing Event

Belly Blessing Event Henna $150

You will invite (invitations provided) 4-6 of your closest friends and family members. I will talk about the history of henna and the purpose of application during pregnancy. I will apply a design of your choice to your stomach. During this time your guests will make notes on cards (provided) with their blessings, hopes, and wishes for your birth experience as you become a mother. After your belly design is complete I will apply a similar design to the hand or foot of each of your guests while they verbally express their blessings, hopes, and wishes for you OR each guest will be invited to add to the design on your belly with a small shape or symbol. In many other cultures there are rituals that are done for the many transitions of life. In the US we are lacking in some of these rituals that create bonding to those close to us. Most of our celebrations tend to be centered around food and gifts of material things instead of focusing on people and relationships. The traditional baby shower is focused on the baby and giving the baby things.I believe when a mother has a baby she not only gives birth to another person, but she gives birth to herself as the mother of that child. Her childbirth experience helps to shape who she is as a mother. I have created this cultural bonding experience that draws from the rituals of other cultures with the hope of reintroducing the importance of deeply bonded relationships as women transition into the role of mother. The purpose of this cultural bonding activity is to deepen close relationships.

What is included?

  • Invitations
  • Henna design for you
  • Henna design for your guests
  • Note cards for blessings, hopes, and wishes to be recorded on and given to mom
  • After care information
  • Approximately a 3 hour event

If you schedule a henna Belly Blessing at the you hire me as your doula, receive 30% off.


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