Marcie Hunter is a professional birth doula in Utah County, Utah (will travel to Salt Lake County). She strives to help birthing women and their supporters have the information they need to make informed birth choices, in order to navigate their way through the birthing experience. This helps moms feel confident, cared for, and have a more intimate, connected birth experience.

She was born and raised in Utah. Marcie grew up hearing, from her mother, the birth stories of herself and her 2 siblings. Her mother birthed all three of her children via cesarean section. Hearing her mother’s birth stories helped Marcie become sensitive to a woman’s experience of having a cesarean section. This experience also helped spark Marcie’s interest in supporting women in their birth experience.

When she was 16 years old she became interested in working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). After receiving her CNA license, she began working at a care center in Orem, Utah. As a CNA she was able to provide personal, hands-on care to people at the end of their lives. Marcie developed a deep love for those she was able to serve and thinks of them often. A few years later, she worked as a mother’s helper taking care of two handicapped children, as well as their siblings in their home in Alpine, Utah.

Marcie married her high school sweetheart, TJ, in 1999. They have 4 children; 1 girl and 3 boys.  Her first two births were medicated hospital births and the last two were home water births. Throughout the years, after getting married and starting a family, Marcie has owned an online scrapbook company and web design company.

There are factors from each of Marcie’s personal childbirth experiences that contributed to her wanting to become a doula. After the birth of her 4th child, she knew she wanted to support birthing families during this important time. In the first year of starting her journey as a doula she has been privileged to support 12 moms. She loves being able to encourage women to believe in themselves and move forward into motherhood. Each birth she attends, she learns how to support moms better, which  teaches her new things about birth and about herself as a doula.  She treasures the time she is able to spend with her birthing mothers and their families.

Marcie is actively involved in the birthing community here in Utah. She is a member of the Utah Doula Association and participates in their monthly mentor meetings and yearly conferences. Marcie recently became the chapter leader International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) of Utah County. She hosts meetings and provides information about cesarean birth and VBAC to the local community.

belly blessing henna blessing way

From the suggestion of a friend, Marcie began doing mehndi (or henna designs). She has incorporated her new found gift as a mehndi artist into her doula work. She attends blessingways or mother’s blessings to apply henna on the pregnant mom. Marcie also does henna on non-pregnant people. To view Marcie’s mehndi work visit

She enjoys doing projects around the house and recently completed a wooden patio sectional with her husband. She loves cake decorating, sewing, painting furniture, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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