Doula support for mom during birth center birth.I believe birth is an important event in the lives of those involved.  The experience a woman has during the birth of her child(ren) can dramatically affect her life, positively and negatively.  I believe in the right of the family to make the decisions surrounding the care they receive. It is the right of the family to decide how and where to birth. Healthy mom and baby are very important, but I believe there is much more at stake. I believe that all types of birth are valid. I believe natural birth to be the safest form of birth, but understand it isn’t an option or choice for every woman. I support women who choose to have an epidural, an induction, a cesarean section, or any other varying degree of normal birth. I believe the most important thing is that the mother and her partner choose these things based on education and evidence. The ability of a mother to make the decisions for the birth of her child are what really make the difference.  Education is power and I believe in the situation of birth, it is critical!

I help birthing women have an intimate, connected childbirth experience.

I believe all couples should be supported during this important time no matter their race, religion, sexual preference, location, age, or birth preferences.

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