Feedback I’ve received from moms I have supported

“Marcie is great! She was there for me before my labor when I needed oils or just someone to answer my paranoid questions and then when I did start labor she met me and my family at 3 am at the birth center and stayed with me until the very end even though I spent 24 hours in the birth center and like 12 hours in the hospital. She even checked in on us after the birth and my husband and I love all of the notes she took of what happened during the labor/birth. My mom and mom younger sister were both really impressed with her and my sister even says that if Marcie is still practicing when she gets pregnant than she wants Marcie to be her doula. She is affordable and very informative for first time moms like me.”Tejan
“Marcie did henna on my belly for my blessingway, and was also my doula. She did such a great job with my henna! She made me feel very comfortable and the design was just what I wanted. I felt so beautiful. I was very happy with her work. She was also an incredible doula. She was there for me before the birth if I ever had a question or needed some encouragement as I prepared for my birth. She arrived quickly and came just when I needed her. This was my fourth baby, second natural birth, and the first time I had a doula. It was so amazing to have an extra set of hands, and an extra encouraging voice! I needed a lot of emotional support to believe I could do it, and she said things that helped me focus and feel like I could do at least one more contraction. She took such good care of me afterward, and made sure I had something to eat and that I was comfortable. She kept in touch after the birth and was there if I had questions about breastfeeding or just wanted to talk and process everything that happened. I can’t say enough good things about her and would highly recommend her!”Erin
“When I was about 30 weeks pregnant I decided I wanted to hire a Doula. I knew very little about doula’s and had very little time to find one. I interviewed a few women having told each of them I wanted to find out if this was the right decision for me and that I wanted to talk to them to learn more about it. Marcie was the only one that came equipped with loads of information. From the moment I met her I felt a connection, and she made me feel like her goal was to educate me. Marcie took time to come to my home and talk to my husband and I about the birthing process, and recommended we sign up for a birthing class.
“When my delivery day came Marcie, my husband, my mom and sister were all present as I labored. Things couldn’t have gone more off course for us,I was hooked up to pitocin and magnesium, the situation was scary and intense. My mom later said she was grateful Marcie had been there because she helped her feel calm, and she was confident that Marcie would take care of me. Marcie lead my Husband and Sister in several techniques as we tried to get the baby delivered. Due to several complications I had to have an emergency C-section but thankfully I knew Marcie was there for me so my husband could be with the baby. I had to be put under general anesthesia (meaning I was asleep while they delivered my son and my husband could not be present) but when I woke Marcie was right there with pictures on her phone of my sweet baby boy she had asked my husband to text her.
“The next couple of days in the hospital as I recovered Marcie texted me to make sure I was alright, and even stopped by the hospital with a book about breast feeding (since I was feeling a lot of pressure from the nurses about my milk not coming in and my sons blood sugar dropping.)
“Once we finally got home Marcie wanted to make sure I had the tools I needed to heal from the outcome of the C-section. She recommended I go to an ICAN meeting and even got me in contact with another mom who had been under general anesthesia during her child’s birth.
“I am so grateful that Marcie was apart of my son’s birth. She truly went above and beyond as she provided me with comfort and knowledge I would not have had otherwise and would have never known how to find. Though things didn’t go ideally for us this time I am hopeful I will be able to have a VBAC with my next child and want to have Marcie’s support at that time too!”Emily Ruth Averett
“Marcie went above and beyond as my doula. Words can’t express what an amazing doula she is and how vital having her on my birth team was. She was my doula for my second pregnancy/birth after a c-section with my first child. I wanted a VBAC and she was passionate about helping me achieve that. She provided me with evidence-based information on my options and the benefits and risks of hospital interventions and so much more. She told me about the local ICAN chapter meetings, which were a great support. She answered my texts and emails quickly and always did everything possible to help me. When I went past my due date and was getting pressure from my doctor to give me a c-section at 41 weeks, she was the voice of reason, sending me links to research studies and empowering me to make my own decisions. Based on information and support she provided, I felt confident waiting to go to the hospital until the next morning (when I suspected I was leaking amniotic fluid) and I know that was a big factor in my successful VBAC. During my labor, she was so in tune with my needs that I rarely needed to tell her what I wanted. She was at my side the second a contraction started and my comfort was her first priority. She massaged my feet and back, kept me cool, untangled me from monitor wires countless times, suggested different positions and of course helped me relax through each contraction. She helped my husband know how to best help me and, in a completely non-intrusive way, guided him in being the best support to me possible. She always made sure I was making the choices in my labor and delivery and she never made me feel like I was making a wrong choice. She was 100% my advocate. She also took note of everything that was happening during my labor and the birth, including the times, which has been invaluable as I write the birth story. I forgot quite a few details in all the commotion, so I am very grateful for her for keeping track for me. She was so encouraging and positive the whole time and was genuinely excited for me when it came time to push. She stayed with me for awhile after my sweet girl was born, which was comforting. Marcie has an incredible, quiet and strong energy that makes her a natural doula. I feel like I have known her forever. I don’t think I can ever adequately thank her for helping me have the most empowering and proud moment of my life. Saying I recommend her as a doula is a complete understatement. We loved Marcie and I will definitely want her at the birth of my next child.”-Karina
Your support was priceless at Lincoln’s birth.  Because of the way you educated me before my birth, I was able to make informed decisions about the hospital interventions I was going to allow or disallow while I was in labor.  You gave me the confidence that I needed to attempt a V-bac and a natural one.  Even though I did end up having an epidural as I began to push, having your companionship really helped me to remain calm.  As my birth became stressful because Lincoln’s heart-rate was dropping, you were there to calmly reassure me that I still had options, and time to make choices, even when the medical professionals wanted quick decisions.
“After his birth, I appreciated the breastfeeding support.  I felt like I had someone who was “in my corner” at the hospital.  Someone who wanted to support me and not just tell me what to do.  I will never have another baby without a doula, and if it happens to be here in Utah, I would invite you back to accompany me on this journey again.  Thank you for being so wonderful and for enhancing my experience durring this most important time in my family’s lives.”Beth
“Marcie assisted me as my doula in the at-home water birth of my third child. I chose to birth at home after enduring both a disheartening and frustrating hospital delivery of my first child, and a disappointing and difficult C-section overseas for my second. Marcie’s gentle, respectful, competent, and encouraging support created the environment needed to make my home water birth EXACTLY the healing, natural birth my body and spirit needed as a woman and as a mother. With Marcie, I felt secure, supported, and assured during the birthing process. She was the encouraging presence I needed to successfully complete such a powerful life experience in the way I wanted and needed to–100% naturally. I am especially grateful to her for her strength and help to me during the transition phase of labor. She was strong and supportive to help me succeed under pressure and challenge. Marcie truly believes in women and their ability to birth. I found this empowering. She provides care with tangible empathy, authenticity, and deep respect that is unparalled in most of the medical community. I felt like Marcie treated my birth experience with the reverence and reverie it deserved, which made it that much more fulfilling and special for me. It is clear that Marcie is someone who is fulfilling her life’s calling in helping women birth in the most beautiful, healthy, and peaceful way possible. Her ability to support and sustain while under stress is profound. She respected my wishes, responded to my requests, and listened to me. I was especially impressed with the wide variety of tools she utilized for pain management, as well as her diligence to help me before, during, and after delivery. Marcie cares for the woman in completeness- both her well-being and her experience. Overall, Marcie is an outstanding doula, who is gifted in helping mothers birth in comfort, care, and success.”Kristin
“I thought you were amazing! I was happy for the knowledge you gave me, because it helped me decide what was going to be the best for my baby and me. And because of that, I was able to feel more in control of the birth, which ultimately made me feel more confident and less scared. I was happy to know that are different options available than just what the hospital routinely does. It really helped to be as informed as possible, which you helped me do. The pain management that you were able to help me with was awesome! Also the support you provided by just being there and knowing that you knew what was going on and that you would take care of me was greatly appreciated and gave me peace of mind. I thought it was an experience that was the best it could have been and I do not think it would have been quite so good if you had not been there. Thanks a bunch!!”-Emily
“I have been slow in sharing my thoughts and appreciation for your Doula services. My only excuse is that I’m a new Mommy for a great little guy. You were so awesome and wonderful! I think that the best compliment I can give is that I actually can’t wait to get pregnant and have another baby just so you can be my Doula again. I was very privileged to have your support and guidance through my labor and delivery, I wouldn’t have had it any other way and I am pretty sure neither I nor my husband could have done it with out you.”Steph
“I would highly recommend utilizing the services of a doula when giving birth and would specifically recommend hiring Marcie. She was an incredible support during my second birth and both my husband and I agree that the birth process would likely not have gone as smoothly or been as positive if she had not been present. Marcie was calm and supportive throughout my labor and the birth of our daughter. She helped me find good positions and used hands on techniques (counter pressure, etc) to help me through each contraction. I believe that my labor went more quickly because of the guidance from her. Marcie seemed comfortable and confident while working with the nursing staff and my OBGYN. She stayed for several hours after the birth to ensure that I was settled for the night, despite it being the middle of the night. After a difficult first birth, I was so grateful for such a positive experience this time around and owe much of that to Marcie.”Heather
“I am so glad we invested in your services. When I found out I couldn’t have the home birth I’d been dreaming of and planning for, I knew a Doula was the best way for me to get the birth I wanted in a hospital setting. When we first met I felt an immediate rapport with you. You were very warm, open and easy to talk to. You were completely on board with what we wanted, and I loved the evidence based care information you gave me, it helped me make decisions and stand up to the doctors and nurses. You came up during a false alarm, gave me phone and text support through a month of false labor, and when the time came you were there in a flash! During my labor you were the exact support and guidance my husband I both needed. Things were so intense and went so fast I had a hard time staying focused during labor, but you helped so much. It got so intense at the end your words of encouragement, your calm support and your strong hands were exactly what I needed. You are worth triple what you charge, with the amount of support before during and after my labor, holy cow! I am recommending you to both of my currently pregnant friends, you were invaluable. Thank you. Without you I know my labor would have had more interventions, and complications because I was so scared and unsure. You were my rock. Thank you.”Toni
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